January Challenge

I’ve decided that I want to set a fun challenge for myself every month. It’s going to be fun, will have elements of fitness or food in it and hopefully I will feel fabulous (physically, mentally and emotionally) at the end of it. You are welcome to join or create fun challenges of your own 🙂

January’s challenge is to dance! I enjoy the act of moving my body to the rhythm. I enjoy putting on music and dancing alone. I enjoy Zumba. So those are the things I challenge myself to do more of this month. To enjoy myself, to love my body more and to discover the ways it can move and groove through dance.


Bye 2017

Is this the part where I write about how my 2017 went; how it had its “highs and lows”, that it “made me stronger” followed by an optimistic “bring on the new year”? The part where I make a bullet list of the highlights of my year, followed by possibly my new year resolutions or something similar?

Well, all I have to say is: Gracias por todo, 2017. Adios!



One of the things I really appreciate in the States is how great stores are at returns of merchandise. I remember being reminded to “check and make sure everything is okay” on items before making the purchase in Malaysia because the return policy varies from non-existent to awful. Most items have a no return policy and for items that you later found had a defect, you almost had to fight tooth and nail to get your money back. Maybe times have changed, I don’t know, but that’s basically my experience and perspective on returning items in Malaysia.

Today, I went to the store to return a pack of socks I bought online, and no questions asked, my money got refunded. The culture of “returns” here is widely accepted, some retailers even highlight “free returns” on their websites such as to say, “hey, just buy it! if you don’t like it, you can return it!”. Even in stores, if you can’t decide if you really want that fancy bowl? Purchase it first and then return it later if you decide not to keep it. Of course, there are limitations such as making sure the item is unworn, unused and/or tags are still attached. But I can easily purchase something and not feel doomed to keep it forever and ever even if I don’t like/want it anymore. I’m so grateful for that!

Another Marketing Day In The Works

Green Monday. Have you heard of it? I didn’t, until a few days ago, in my Shoptagr newsletter that popped up in the mail. Since I never heard of it, I did a quick Google search, to find that this term was coined by a website in 2007. In the Shoptagr newsletter, they illustrated the day as a “Cyber Monday 2”. I think it’s a clever marketing strategy, because after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I feel like retailers are finding something to keep the momentum going as Christmas is around the corner. I have no doubt that this “Green Monday” will steadily take flight and it will turn into something as successful as Cyber Monday. More profits for the retailers, another day of discounts for the public. Win – win? Or is it?

December Is Here

December is here! I haven’t seen a single snowflake yet and I’m not at all upset. In fact, I’m thankful I haven’t felt the need to bust out my thick winter coat. The stores are filled with ready-made gifts, the trees lined with string lights light up at night, and the theme of green and red are everywhere. I’ve been listening to lots of classic and jazzy Christmas music, it’s so calming but also makes me want to sway from side to side.

Two things I’ve been into recently, Lost and lemon & honey “tea”. Lost reminds me of The 100 – people getting stuck somewhere and fighting off other groups of people. Except, The 100 is more gory and violent.

Also, I’ve been enjoying the simple drink of adding lemon and honey to water. It’s got to have the perfect amount of sour kick with just enough sweetness. I don’t usually buy lemons, they’re almost 3X more expensive than limes, but limes do have a bitter aftertaste. Lemons have such thick rind, though! Feels like I’m not getting my money’s worth sometimes. (#frugal lol).

Share with me what you’ve been up to this month 🙂